COM 681 Telecommunication Systems and Networks (HIT and HIS Systems and Networks)

Course Description

COM 681 Telecommunication Systems and Networks (HIT and HIS Systems and Networks) provides an in-depth overview of the underlying information systems and technology used in healthcare. This course delineates HIT/ HIS Systems and Networks.  The course examines the information systems, telecommunications networks, medical technologies, and other HIT tools. The course also examines the major elements of electronic health record (EHR) and public health information systems.

For the EHR component, the course will use the open source Resource and Patient Management System of the Indian Health Service and the VA Information Systems and Technology Architecture electronic health record.

Participants will be introduced to the “M” computer language, VA Fileman, VA applications, and Vista system utilities. Participants will also be introduced to an open source tool called MIRTH.

Information technology participants will focus on system application and technology issues. Non-IT healthcare participants will focus on the building of applications, uses, and/or reporting from the various systems.

Clinical practice participants will focus on the development of clinical applications, application templates, management and statistical report generation, and using data repositories for report generation.

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The course will be taught by Norman Okamura PhD

Credits: 3

Term Offered: Spring 2015