COM 683 TIRM Research Methods (HIT/ HIS Data Analysis and Research)

Course Description

COM 683 TIRM Research Methods (HIT/ HIS Data Analysis and Research) will have a substantive impact on the ability generate useful information that informs clinicians, care teams, and public health professionals about the health status of a patient, organization and healthcare processes and outcomes, public health specialists on population health, chronic disease and surveillance information. The information generated from HIT will enable healthcare, public health, academic researchers, and health administrators about clinical and organizational outcomes, and policymakers on the above issues. This will create opportunities to examine patient and population health, along with analyses of healthcare management writ large. It will also create increasing pressures for accountability in the reporting of clinical outcomes. 

This course focuses on the diverse information needs of the various stakeholders and the information generation functions of HIT. Participants will explore the value of health information and the challenges of clinical, public health, and management reporting. Participants will examine the importance of the research in HIT, including the formulation of research questions, research and evaluation design, measurement, and data collection and analysis. Participants will develop an understanding of the use of statistical and report packages and the challenges of collecting and organizing data.

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The course will be taught by Norman Okamura PhD

Credits: 3

Term Offered: Spring 2015