COM 684 TIRM Planning and Management

Course Description

COM 684 TIRM Planning and Management provides a sweeping overview of Health Information Management. This course will examine the challenges from the perspective of a Chief Executive Officer or Government Program Officer, as well as the functional tasks and challenges from the perspectives of the Chief Information Officer and Clinical Applications Coordinators. The course will cover topics that include management of processes and personnel to integrate and sustain HIT in different healthcare settings; the planning and analysis of workflows; HIT selection; Organizational models for HIT Sharing; HIT implementation processes; procurement and contracting; and system management in small, medium, and large health care environments.

Upon completion of the course students are expected to demonstrate specific competencies, including:

  • Understand the HIT function from the perspective of a CEO the role of information technology in supporting clinical and administrative functions in the healthcare enterprise
  • Understand the many management functions of HIT managers and tools that are used to assess problems, analyze options, and implement projects
  • Understand the business and planning cycle with HIT
  • Understand how to document clinical and administrative workflows as part of HIT adoption
  • Understand and how to development specifications and issue various types of procurements
  • Understand systems support problem, including training, system operations, data and information security, and disaster recovery needs in healthcare organizations

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Credits: 3

Term Offered: Summer 2015