Graduate Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Program, each participant will receive a Graduate Certificate from the University of Hawai’i Graduate Division. Completion of this program does not guarantee acceptance into the University of Hawai’i Graduate Programs.

Joint Degrees, Certificates and Dual Credits

TIRM students have the opportunity to earn a joint degree or certificate with other graduate programs. Some examples of these connections are:

Master’s in Communications (MA): The goal of the Communications Program in terms of student learning is to help students build and exchange knowledge in areas relevant to the broad field of Communication and to specific areas of specialization. The program areas of specialization  include organizational and intercultural communication, global communication, information and communication technologies, social media, and communication policy and planning. Interested students should contact the Communications Program by phone at (808) 956-8881 or by email at

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA): The MBA Program will prepare you for broad opportunities in managing people and resources. It is designed to develop strategic thinking skills to help you advance in your career or change careers. Interested students should contact the Shidler College of Business Graduate Programs by phone at (808) 956-8266 or by email at

Master’s in Public Administration (MPA)The program specializes in leadership and collaboration. It equips students to make a difference in the public sphere through a curriculum that balances individual specializations with a strong core of training that and individual needs to be effective in public service. Interested students should contact the Public Administration Program by phone at (808) 956-8260 or by email at

Students planning to apply TIRM credits to one of the above programs must contact the respective departments directly to confirm the eligibility of the TIRM credit transfer.

Undergraduate Course Credits

An advanced undergraduate student with working experience in the field may enroll for TIRM and the course credits will count toward an undergraduate degree.  Undergraduate students seeking enrollment in TIRM must receive approval from the Chairman of the School of Communications and the Director of the TIRM Program.  TIRM courses applied by a student for an undergraduate degree may not be used for a Masters Degree program.